Best 8 Really Big Wedding Cakes! #dreamcake

My favorite eight, really big wedding cakes:


Topping my list is Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera’s 12 foot, 265 pound wedding cake with Swarovski crystals and 3D-mapping for projected computer graphic effects.  While the cake is not as detailed as the castle one below, it still tops my list.  I had a little trouble deciding between the two, however my final opinion is that this is the BEST really large wedding cake I’ve seen so far.  Basically it comes down to a show of really cool computer graphics projected onto the cake that beautifully ends with the words, “Forever begins today.”  How do you top that?  The video below does not show the whole projectile, but please watch it.  It’s so nice!


1dongyan wedding cake

My second favorite cake is Indonesian actress Chelsea Olivia Wijaya’s castle cake. Chelsea had a fairytale wedding theme, and as far as fairytale weddings are concerned this cake is a dream!  The cake is completely edible and beautifully sculpted into a castle complete with towers, flags, balconies and two stair-cases that meet at the bottom to almost form a heart shape.  The flowers at the bottom of the cake add a delicate touch and go nicely with the overall theme.  The amount of detail in this cake is very impressive.


Angelababy’s wedding cake is my 3rd favorite.  Her wedding was amazing!  It requires a whole blog post of it’s own.  The 8 foot tall, 9 layer cake made by 1001 Bakery was delicately detailed with fondant bows, ribbons and over 2000 flowers including roses.  The best part was a carousel placed in the middle of the cake that actually rotated!



Fourth on my list is the Cinderella carriage wedding cake of NFL player Ryan Pickett and his wife, Jennifer.  The cake was created by Houston Texas’ most notable cake design studio, Who Made the Cake!  This uniquely designed cake features draping, bows and flowers on the top five layers.  The carriage wheels have crosses for spokes and an angel sits upon the top of the cake. The bride and groom had requested the cake include a carriage, angel wings and crosses.  I think the cake designer did an amazing job of incorporating all that into one exquisite cake!



Next on my list is Yvonne Arifin and Albert Sudewo’s giant eight-tiered flower-draped wedding cake.  This cake is one of my favorites because it looks like a traditional wedding cake, except it’s really huge!  It’s not real extravagant but it’s beautiful.  The pink and white flowers were coordinated with the ballroom decor where the cake was center-stage and surrounded by cherry blossom trees.


Gozy Ekeh and Tolu Ijogun are said to have had the most expensive wedding in Nigerian history.  It was quite lavish!  Their elegant all white, 10 tier wedding cake makes #6 on my list.   The cake was created by Buttercup Enterprises.  Every other layer featured all white roses while the alternating layers were embellished with quilting, pearls and lace detail.


#7 on my list is the 10 ft tall wedding cake of Russian Heiress, Marina Shokirova. The cake was designed by former boxing champion, now celebrity cake maker, Renat Agzamov.  Precise detailing is what makes this cake so impressive.  It has six regal tiers and is topped with a gazebo.  The cake is adorned with delicate flowers, embellished with three dimensional columns and balcony, and personalized with the couple’s initials.


image (1)


Ali Awada and Lana El Sahely’s  seven-tier, tulip, jasmine, and camellia covered wedding cake was created by Nazira Catering and places at #8 on my list.  The best thing about this cake is that it fits in perfectly with the theme of the wedding.  If you look at the photos you’ll notice the cake, the wall, and even the bride’s veil are embellished with ivory flowers.  I love this soft, romantic look.



Almeria – Seen at Pronovias Barcelona


Romantic princess gown with embroidery and crystals.





Seven Unique Cake Topper Shops on Etsy

Personalized Cartoon Bride & Groom Cake Toppers: These cute and funny cake toppers are personalized to look like the bride and groom, and can even include your pet. Find them on Etsy at Vivan Studio
il_570xN.678049198_88bl il_570xN.675972232_b7ey

Pretty Silhouette Wedding Cake Toppers can be found at True Love Affair‘s online shop. I love the pearls on the brides dress. You can also have these personalized.

il_570xN.572803994_r2wj il_570xN.632417692_7vs1

Cake Topper House‘s Rustic Wedding Cake Toppers are handmade, of wood, but are still quite elegant. These are personalized monogram cake toppers and they come in a variety of styles.
il_570xN.754949042_m4h6 il_570xN.743870009_2jpy

Check out these gorgeous Rhinestone Cake Toppers from Tange Design! I love these 🙂 I like glittery, sparkly things in general.

il_570xN.506577119_7dr4   il_570xN.384560539_2qvb

Lazer Design Shop has fun silhouette cake toppers that even come in different colors.

il_570xN.715673018_7dsc il_570xN.700232749_fw48

Funny wedding cake toppers from Piece of Cake Wedding Toppers feature the bride dragging the groom away from his favorite video game, ball game, or from hunting. These are perfect for video gamers.

il_570xN.731093771_tcsu il_570xN.731233210_p3vg

Amazing Cake Toppers makes customized polymer clay cake toppers of the bride & groom. They do an amazing job from photos and can even include your children.

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