Violette Tannenbaum

I first heard of Violette Tannenbaum in an article about up-and-coming designers. Although she’s been around since 2015. Tannenbaum is a french wedding dress designer. Her belief is that women can be beautiful brides and still be themselves., I feel like what she is presenting to us is the ideal that you don’t have to be stuck in the last generations image of a perfect bride. You can be free, you can be sexy, you can be fashionable, and beautiful, and still have fun.

Tannenbaum works with her brides by starting with sketches that can be modified. Through details and fittings she creates the custom dress of your dreams. Tannenbaum’s studio is located in Paris, France and all of her dresses and materials are made in France.

One of the first things I do when I learn about a new designer is go directly to their website. What I immediately noticed upon visiting Tannenbaum’s website is that she definitely caters to the modern bride! Her photos are fresh, vibrant and unique. She even captions her Instagram posts with things like, “Badass bride,” and “Super cool bride.” Both her website and Instagram give off a fun and refreshing vibe. The following images have been obtained from the designer’s Instagram, Facebook and website:


Chana Marelus F/W Collection Favs

My favorites from Chana Marelus’ Fall/Winter collection.



Vera Wang’s Colorful Spring 2019 Collection

Vera Wang’s Spring 2019 Collection mixes nudes with a pop of color for a vibrant, playful look that still speaks to your sensual side. This is art. The craftsmanship is amazing. Also, if you love these styles, but you still want the traditional white gown, Wang plans to translate all of these looks into shades of ivory, alabaster, stark white and antique white.


Zuhair Murad’s 2015 Wedding Gowns that will make you go, “WoW!!”

Check out the Fall 2015 collection by Zuhair Murad. These sultry gowns with sheer mesh are very detailed and beautifully designed. I’m in awe, they are so gorgeous. A good choice for the non-traditional bride. These dresses are amazing:

1 Zuhair picture-8281




1 zuhair-murad-2015-fall-bridal-wedding-dresses07

1 zuhair-murad-2015-fall-bridal-wedding-dresses04

1 zuhair-murad-2015-fall-bridal-wedding-dresses01