Donut Walls, Cakes and Favors

I don’t know why I’m so in love with this donuts at weddings trend that started last year. But these little favor bags are perfect for your guests! These are from Ivory & Sage Co. Click the photo to visit their Etsy shop.

I first started mentioning these donut walls a year ago on my Instagram page. It’s just so cute! This Hole-y Matrimony donut stand below is one of my favorites. It’s by David’s Stuff Designs (Image links to Etsy the shop). It is a bit pricey at $100, but I love the design.

There are less expensive stands if you want to get in on this donut fun. This one is a really cute heart shaped stand for $33 from Show Me Display

Hooray Days also has a donut stand for $33.

Custom Groomsmen Proposals

I’m always on Etsy looking for wedding ideas and decor. I recently found an interesting and unique way for guys to ask their friends to be groomsmen.

Personalized Whiskey Bottle Label
Personalized Absolute Vodka Label
Custom Beer bottle label

Aside from the, “Suck a dick” salutation, (which I think is just a little over the top), these are pretty cool! I would probably get these if I was a man.

Seven Unique Cake Topper Shops on Etsy

Personalized Cartoon Bride & Groom Cake Toppers: These cute and funny cake toppers are personalized to look like the bride and groom, and can even include your pet. Find them on Etsy at Vivan Studio
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Pretty Silhouette Wedding Cake Toppers can be found at True Love Affair‘s online shop. I love the pearls on the brides dress. You can also have these personalized.

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Cake Topper House‘s Rustic Wedding Cake Toppers are handmade, of wood, but are still quite elegant. These are personalized monogram cake toppers and they come in a variety of styles.
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Check out these gorgeous Rhinestone Cake Toppers from Tange Design! I love these 🙂 I like glittery, sparkly things in general.

il_570xN.506577119_7dr4   il_570xN.384560539_2qvb

Lazer Design Shop has fun silhouette cake toppers that even come in different colors.

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Funny wedding cake toppers from Piece of Cake Wedding Toppers feature the bride dragging the groom away from his favorite video game, ball game, or from hunting. These are perfect for video gamers.

il_570xN.731093771_tcsu il_570xN.731233210_p3vg

Amazing Cake Toppers makes customized polymer clay cake toppers of the bride & groom. They do an amazing job from photos and can even include your children.

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