Mrs. & Mrs. Harris – An intimate look inside the wedding of Mercedes & Ashley

This past June I flew to Lacey, Washington for a celebration of life, love, and marriage as my younger sister wed her girlfriend in a beautiful, non-traditional ceremony that would join these two hearts and souls for eternity. The evening was beautifully captured by photographer, Joshua Taylor.

Although this was a non-traditional wedding and included things like the first look, a mother-daughter dance and two brides, it also nicely incorporated some age-old traditions that we’re all familiar with.


The Harris wedding was held at The Grand Holiday Ballroom in Olympia, WA.


The First Look

Brides were led into the room with their eyes covered and sat back to back while guests counted down to the moment when they would turn around for the First Look. Both brides looked absolutely stunning!


This was not only Ashley’s first time seeing Mercedes in her wedding gown, it was the first time she had ever seen Mercedes in a dress before.

Wedding Ceremony


The brides’ four younger daughters served as broom carriers and flower girls.


Wedding party – each bride had a Best man and a Maid of honor
Mercedes was led down the aisle by our father.
Alaysia was honored to walk mom down the aisle.
At the alter

Jumping the Broom

Sweeping away the old
Jumping into a new life
Introducing Mrs. & Mrs. Harris!

Father-daughter dance


Mother-daughter dance


Get the look!


Wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses from David’s Bridal

Tuxedos from Men’s Warehouse

Children’s dresses made by Lil Ms. Tutu.

Wedding Bouquet from Rainbow Floral

Jumping Broom custom made from

Bridal headpieces can also be found on SoVein has some really good ones.

Wedding Tree Guest Book has some really nice guest signs.

Mrs. & Mrs. Sign, custom shot glasses and wedding card boxes can also be found on

See the reception and wedding party photo shoot!

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