Re-creating the November Rain Video Wedding

For November I wanted to try re-creating the wedding from the November Rain video. November Rain is the best rock video of all time featuring one of the best guitar solos of all time. This is one of my favorite songs.

I’m starting with the wedding gown. I searched all over and could not find a high-low wedding dress with puffy sleeves. I did however, find this cap sleeve dress, which I think makes a perfect substitute. It features the same high low style with a sweetheart neckline.

November rain dress

Dazzling Floral Cap Sleeve Wedding Dress

I love the back of this gown, and the floral sleeves. The sleeves can always be altered, or just worn off the shoulder to create the same look the bride has on the video.


I found a wedding veil with a bow on it. It can be worn on the top of the head to create the same look as the image below.

November Rain Veil
Circle Cut shoulder length Veil with Bow

I can’t really see the earrings well, but I think these beautiful vintage dangle earrings are a perfect fit for this look.


Vintage Style Pearl Earrings

The bride’s bouquet is elegant, simple and not overdone. Jenny’s Flower Shop on Etsy has a pretty Calla Lily Bouquet made with artificial flowers. Global Rose has a fresh flower bouquet with Calla Lilies and Roses. I like them both.

Bridal Calla Lily And Rose Bouquet from Global Rose
Latex Real Touch Artificial Calla Lily Flower Bouquet

The Maid of Honor in the video is wearing a tight, red dress, closely fitted to the body. However, I don’t want my maid of honor wearing anything that sexy. Red stands out a lot on it’s own. So, this red dress gives you a similar look, but it’s not as sexy as the dress in the video. It’s not as tight, and it’s a deeper red.

Brides maid dress

Bridesmaid Dress with Sweetheart Neck and Spaghetti Straps

The flower girl’s dress, I found, is very difficult to find. I was looking for a princess dress with puff sleeves, high sash, see through mesh and a mock neck. I couldn’t find it. I think this is a dress you would have to get made. Fox Gown has a wide variety of classic flower girl dresses. Here are two dresses with sashes, one with cap sleeves. The sashes comes in different colors.To recreate the video look, we would go with white.


Flower Off the Should Dress

For the groom I found this!


Amazing right? This is on Deviant Art of all places. It was posted by Oruntia.

Okay, so here is where I put it all together:

november rain

The wedding cake is from Three Brother’s Bakery in Houston

The Garter is from Garter Lady‘s shop on Etsy.

Nicky Hilton’s Regal, Modest Wedding Gown

Nicky Hilton got married this past summmer in an amazing Valentino gown. The dress featured a beautifully detailed lace overlay, and long train. Nicky’s long embroidered veil was perfect for her classic wedding look.

Of course, the internet was a buzz comparing Nicky Hilton’s wedding dress to Kate Middleton’s dress, as if no one else ever wore a lace overlay before. Nicky’s dress had a high neckline and longsleeves, while Kate’s dress had a v-neck. Kate Middleton’s dress was designed by Sarah Burton and it was extravagant. But, I honestly like Nicky’s dress more. Nicky’s dress was like, regal meets modesty. Very classy.



Seven Unique Cake Topper Shops on Etsy

Personalized Cartoon Bride & Groom Cake Toppers: These cute and funny cake toppers are personalized to look like the bride and groom, and can even include your pet. Find them on Etsy at Vivan Studio
il_570xN.678049198_88bl il_570xN.675972232_b7ey

Pretty Silhouette Wedding Cake Toppers can be found at True Love Affair‘s online shop. I love the pearls on the brides dress. You can also have these personalized.

il_570xN.572803994_r2wj il_570xN.632417692_7vs1

Cake Topper House‘s Rustic Wedding Cake Toppers are handmade, of wood, but are still quite elegant. These are personalized monogram cake toppers and they come in a variety of styles.
il_570xN.754949042_m4h6 il_570xN.743870009_2jpy

Check out these gorgeous Rhinestone Cake Toppers from Tange Design! I love these 🙂 I like glittery, sparkly things in general.

il_570xN.506577119_7dr4   il_570xN.384560539_2qvb

Lazer Design Shop has fun silhouette cake toppers that even come in different colors.

il_570xN.715673018_7dsc il_570xN.700232749_fw48

Funny wedding cake toppers from Piece of Cake Wedding Toppers feature the bride dragging the groom away from his favorite video game, ball game, or from hunting. These are perfect for video gamers.

il_570xN.731093771_tcsu il_570xN.731233210_p3vg

Amazing Cake Toppers makes customized polymer clay cake toppers of the bride & groom. They do an amazing job from photos and can even include your children.

il_570xN.536285766_9csz il_570xN.617913901_suu0  il_570xN.590283775_98n3